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Beeyard App

When will the Beeyard App be available?2020-12-20T09:26:11+00:00

Both Web and Mobile versions of Beeyard App will be available in the first month of 2021.

Beeyard App Updates2020-12-20T09:14:19+00:00

We are constinuosly improving and updating our products. In the web version of Beeyard App the updates are automatic and you don’t have to do anything. After the release of the mobile version, you will be able to update the software using Android/iOS stores, just like regular mobile apps.

Can I delete my account?2020-12-20T09:15:45+00:00

Yes. We are compliant with GDPR and we make our best effort to make sure your data is protected. In the Web version of the app, head to to Settings; Account; Delete Account;.

Can I use the Beeyard App offline?2020-12-20T09:21:19+00:00

Yes. You’ll be able to use the mobile version of Beeyard app without internet. The goal is to allow you to save the most important data in the most remote areas. After that, when you are connected to the internet, the app will upload the data to the cloud in the background. You don’t have to worry about it.

Is there a version for desktop or laptop?2020-12-20T09:23:23+00:00

Yes, there will be a version for computers which runs on browsers, like Chrome or Firefox for example. You’ll be able to use the version both in the web and mobile (iOS & Android)  environments with the same  synced account.

What is the Beeyard App?2021-11-04T11:56:31+00:00

Beeyard App is a beekeeping management software that allows beekeepers to manage everything about the beekeeping world, namely apiaries and distribution of beehives, operations, observations, inventory and schedule operations.

Will my data be seen by others?2020-12-20T09:24:22+00:00

No. Only you can see the data from your bees and your operations.

Still not convinced?

We understand. Contact us or request a demo with data coming live from our own bees.

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