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Field operations are one of the most important parts of beekeeping. With Beeyard The method to add one or more beehives is quite easy and always available. Follow these instructions or watch the video below.

  • Open the Sidemenu.
  • Go to Calendar and choose the day you want to schedule the event.
  • Choose the Apiary where you want to perform the operations.
  • Fill the form with the details you need. Remember that fields with a * are mandatory.
  • The Beeyard app is design in order to allow you to perform the same set of operations to groups of beehives so you don’t have to open one more than once.
    • For example: Imagine you have 8 beehives. You need the check strength of all beehives but in four of them you need to also add food. With Beeyard you can create two groups in the same event, where in one group you have the beehive that only need Strength analysis and in the other group you have the beehives that need the Strength Analysis and the food. This way, you can operate the beehives that share the same requirements at the same time.
  • Create the Groups you need and add the details per group.
    • Important note: the selection of beehives per group are mutually exclusive, which means you cannot add the same beehive to more than one group.
  • Add the equipment you need to a list.
  • Click the Check button at the top to finish and save.
  • And it’s done.

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