Syncrhonize your Beeyard Sensor with your beehive

App synchronization | MOBILE

Step 1.1  In Beeyard mobile app go to Settings and click in the tab of devices.
Step 1.2  Add the new device using the QR code (the one attached to the device) or writing manually the serial code that it’s in the side of your unit.
Step 1.3  Turn the device on.

This step will allow us to make sure that this device belongs to you. The unit will send the first post and the app will receive and validate it. If the serial turns green in the app it will be ready to go. If it fails you’ll have to repeat the process.

Once the device is green in the app you can proceed to Step 2 and synchronize it to one of your beehives.

Step 2.1 To sync the device with one of your beehive profiles just select the unit in the app
Step 2.2 Choose from one of your beehives listed