Create groups of beehive in events

  • What are and how to create groups of beehives in one event
  • Beekeepers should run their visit at the apiary as straightforward as possible,
    and should open each beehive only once, at worst.
    And during regular visits, beekeepers need to do different operations to different beehives.

For that reason we created Groups inside events:

  • Groups allows users to make groups of beehives that share the same exact operations
    • Beehives are mutually exclusive, which means that if Beehive #1 is in the Group1, it can’t be in the Group2
    • You can repeat operations between Groups

This way, when beekeepers are at the apiary they have the tools to go straight to the beehives they need and execute the scheduled operation.

Here’s how to create a Group in an Event:

  • Inside the New Event form (colocar link para a página anterior) click Add Group
  • Add a new name to the group
  • Choose the operations to this group
  • Choose the beehives for this group
  • Save this group

You can add several groups.