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Beeyard Sensor Features

With the real-time remote monitoring system provided by Beeyard you’ll be able to know exactly how your beehives are doing and performing.
It’s the perfect tool for you to run a decentralized operation.

Health of colonies

With Beeyard you’ll be able to know if all your beehives are doing well or if some problem is arising in a distant apiary. With Beeyard you’ll be able to dramatically decrease the annual death-rate of your colonies and make sure they have the right conditions to prosper. The Beeyard Sensor is always monitoring your beehives and if some problem arises our algorithms will trigger an alarm and let you know.

Hive Humidity2021-09-09T14:57:43+00:00

Check the levels of humidity inside each beehive and receive automatic alerts.

Apiary Temperature2021-09-09T14:57:14+00:00

For you to assess in real-time the temperature of the beeyard.

Hive Temperature2021-09-09T14:56:01+00:00

Check the temperature inside beehives. You’ll receive automatic alerts if one drops suddenly and you can also set your own temperature triggers.

Lack of Food2021-09-09T14:55:21+00:00

Are the kids hungry? Beeyard App just let you know before anything goes wrong.

Lack of Space2021-09-09T14:54:35+00:00

Receive a notification if one of your hives is lacking on space.


If one of the colonies swarm you will immediately receive an alert. We all know how important it is to react fast.

Brood Rearing2021-09-09T14:52:27+00:00

Be notified if one of your colonies stopped brood rearing.

Beehive performance

All beehives are different and managing them all scattered accross multiple apiaries is a very demanding job. With Beeyard you’ll be able to know how your beehives are evolving, which ones are performing better or worst and which apiaries are worth doing or not. Beeyard even provides you daily foraging levels per apiary and foraging potential.

Manage threats

Running dozens or hundreds of beehives across multiple apiaries is a management risk job. With Beeyard you’ll be able to mitigate those risks. Beeyard Sensor and app allows you to know if you’re bees are facing a dangerous situation like animals, thefts or extreme weather events.

Equipped with

Solar panel
Weight Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Temperature sensor
Motion sensor


Fits your operation

Beeyard suite was designed to be able to be implemented in a wide range of operations. Each sensor is directly connected to the internet, which provides absolute freedom and reliability

How it works

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