Apis Technology is now Beeyard

We’ve rebranded our company in order to start our next chapter of growth.

The world is changing. Very fast.

Bees are all we think about everyday. And that’s why we want to be the driver of transformation in the beekeeping industry. We aim to deliver solutions to beekeepers around the world that help the bees and make beekeeping operations easier and more profitable.

In the last three years we have gone through a learning process and got to know the needs of hundreds of beekeepers around the world.

We realized that, in order to deliver what we promised, we needed to be better.

And so we did it. Our company grew a lot in the last year. Our team got bigger. Our products got better. And we prepared our operations to work with beekeepers around the world.

To mark that change we needed a new brand that would be able to reflect our new identity.

Apis Technology is now Beeyard.

We think it looks great.

This new chapter means a better company for beekeepers. A company always available and closer to our customers. A feedback driven and global company, able to help all kinds of beekeeping operations around the world.

We are very excited about this new chapter and the next months. We have a ton of new things to release and deliver to beekeepers that we believe will take the industry to the next level.

Stay tuned

Beeyard Team

Improve your beekeeping operation

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