What is happening

It’s not breaking news, but startups are really hard. The decision to shut down the company was the most difficult one that we had to make.

Unfortunately, after exploring and trying all other alternatives, this is the hard decision we have to make.


What happened

We are passionate about beekeeping and technology and we had a very clear goal: to deliver to beekeepers a suite of tools that would improve for real the way they manage their operations. And to do that we always knew what we had to do: design a tool that was easy to use, ultra reliable and low maintenance, scalable and as cheap as possible.

This is no easy task but we embraced the challenge and worked for it for years. As devoted and passionate as you can imagine. 

As founders we started to develop the two first versions of the product we envisioned with our own resources (aka money). When we were confident about the product that we wanted to develop to reach our goal we started to raise some venture capital. We managed to raise some money that allowed us to deliver the third version of the product and almost-dream product: a management software multi platform (web and mobile, offline capable) and hive monitor cheaper, lighter, smaller and more capable (we went down from selling price 315€ to 60€). And we shipped it all in less than 12 months.   

The feedback from users was very good. We shipped the entire run in a few weeks with a low marketing effort. Unfortunately, due to several market factors, we were not able to raise a following round in a reasonable time, which led us to face the difficult decision of shutting down.


What you can expect from us in the following months

For the following 12 months all users already signed up will be able to use all the services for free. We updated all subscriptions so you will not be prompted to pay for the subscription. Our goal is to provide you the time to properly find an alternative and migrate to another platform. 

The users that are using our Hive Monitors will be able to continue to use them for the following 12 months. We also opened the subscriptions for every device so you’ll not be prompted to renew your subscriptions in the meantime.

If you want to delete your account you can email us stating that. We will delete your account in the following 15 days. In the meantime don’t forget to retrieve all the useful information from the platform.

Published On: March 25th, 2022 / Categories: Project update /