[av_image src=’https://apistech.eu/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/queen-bee-2-608×684.jpg’ attachment=’13261′ attachment_size=’gallery’ align=’center’ styling=” hover=” link=” target=” caption=” font_size=” appearance=” overlay_opacity=’0.4′ overlay_color=’#000000′ overlay_text_color=’#ffffff’ copyright=” animation=’no-animation’ av_uid=’av-k7abxrqj’ custom_class=” admin_preview_bg=”][/av_image] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” av_uid=’av-k6tdnrca’ custom_class=” admin_preview_bg=”] A healthy queen is necessary to the health of the hive. Learn how to identify.

  1. Look for the largest bee. The queen bee will almost always be the largest bee in the colony. Sometimes drones can be as big or even bigger than the queen, but you can tell them apart by thickness. The queen bee will be longer and narrower than any of the other bees.
  2. Check for a pointed abdomen. A bee’s abdomen is the lower part of its body, near the stinger.
  3. Look for a bee standing with splayed legs. Worker and drone bees have legs that are directly under their bodies. The queen bee has legs that splay outward, making them much more visible.
  4. Look for a stinger without barbs. There is only one queen bee per hive. If you find more than one bee that might be the queen, gently lift each bee up by its thorax, in the middle of its body. Hold them under a magnifying glass and inspect its stinger. Workers, drones, and virgin queens will have barbs on their stingers. The queen bee’s stinger is smooth and un-barbed.

A queen bee is the leader of a bee colony and the mother of most, if not all, of its worker and drone bees.

To maintain their hives, beekeepers must know how to distinguish a queen bee from the others.

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