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The day has finally come.

To get us here, we’ve talked with dozens of beekeepers individually from all over the world, in a path that was simultaneously exciting and quite difficult.

Before we release our app we want to thank all the beekeepers around the world that helped us in this process.

Following, take note of some points about the release of the B-App.


B-App Beta

The version that we will release is a beta version. A beta version is an early version of an application that contains most of the major features, but is not complete yet. You’ll be able to try the majority of the features, like:

  • Apiary management
  • Beehive management
  • Production plan
  • Operation reports
  • Beekeeping reports
  • Calendar



You’ll probably find some bugs or graphic issues. We’re working to find and fix them, but that task is much easier with your help. We kindly ask you to report everything you find meaningful in the chat box at the bottom of the page.



In order to make this experience as pleasant and smoothly as possible, several features will not be available in first-hand. You should expect the these features in the following weeks:

  • Stack reports
  • Harvest reports
  • Stock management
  • Financial and operation management support
  • Operations digital checklist


Your account

After you create your account, you’ll receive an email in order to verify it. It may happen that the verification mail end up in the spam folder, so if it takes more than a few minutes to receive it, please check there.

After this small step, you’ll find your dashboard. From here, you’ll be able to add your apiaries and beehives, but with a limit of 20 beehives. This limit is temporary and is a safeguard for us in order to guarantee that our digital stack is able to cope with the challenge.


Hope you enjoy your experience. Please don’t hesitate and send us all the feedback you find relevant.



The team


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