In the last article we went through in how to add a new apiary and realized how easy it was.

In this new article we will show you how you can add new beehives in B-App.

How to add a new Beehive

In your B-App account click Apiaries. Choose from the list the apiary where you pretend to add a new beehive. Once you’re there, go to bottom of the page of the apiary, where you’ll find your current list of beehives. This list will be empty if you hadn’t already add one previously. Click in the Add button.

apis technology b-app list of beehives

From here you’ll be able to add new in two ways:

  • Single beehive
  • Group of beehives

Single Beehive

The option to Add a Single Beehive is useful for beekeepers that pretend to add only one beehive, or need to add as much detail as possible to each beehive in a heterogenous apiary.

apis technology b-app single beehive

After selecting Single Beehive you can add the characteristics to your new beehive. After this, press Finish to save all the info.

apis technology b-app single beehive charact

Your new beehive is already created and you can find it in the list of beehives in the apiary page. You’ll be always able to visit it, edit or delete ir.

apis technology b-app beehive page

Group of beehives

The option to add a Group of Beehives is useful for beekeeper that pretend to add large quantities of beehives at the same time, all with the same basic characteristics. This is particularly useful for professional beekeepers. If that’s your case, select Group of Beehives and then insert the number of beehives that your pretend to add.

After this you can add the characteristics of the beehives. These characteristics will be featured in all the beehives of that specific bulk.

apis technology b-app group of beehives

After you’ve completed the form according to your preferences, click Finish to save everything.

After this, your beehives will be featured on the list of beehives of the apiary.

apis technology b-app list of beehives group

Now that you realized how easy it is, both for hobbyists and professionals to add beehives to your stack, you are ready to start operate them. In the next articles we will show you how to do just that.

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