Beekeeping management is as complex as the size of the operation. It’s very important for the owner the ability to assess every detail about the colonies and act based on that information.

This job is even harder if the beekeeper practice transhumance of beehives, as the management of the apiaries and the flow of beehives increases the complexity of it.

Experienced beekeepers are better at handling with all these information, but even those are forced to make a great in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Apis B-App allows you to manage all your apiaries very easily.

In this article we will show you how easy it is to add a new apiary.


How to add a new apiary

apis technology b-app list apiaries

In your B-App acount click Apiaries. Once you’re there, you will find your current list of apiaries (if you already have one). In this page you will also find the most important metric to assess each one of your apiaries.

Select Add new and you’ll find a page to add the data about your new apiary.

apis technology b-app add apiary

You can start the most important information like the name, GPS coordinates and type of environment, for example. You can also add some info you find useful.

You’ll always be able to edit this information later. After you click Save you’ll find the page of your new apiary.

After this, you’ll always find this new apiary at the List of Apiaries.

apis technology b-app apiary page

In the following article, we’ll show how easy it is to add new beehives to this apiary.

If you’re interested in trying the B-App for free, go to Apis Technology and subscribe us.

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