Probably you’ve heard that something is going on with bees. Maybe something related to some kind of Asian Hornet or even to some decrease in bees population worldwide.

Well, unfortunately all of that is true. Bees are in fact facing a big challenge. According to the US Agricultural Research Service’s annual bee survey, nearly 42,1% of US honeybee colonies were lost in the past 12 months, following an ugly trend over the past decade.

This assessment revealed a new fact. Beekeepers are not losing colonies only in winter. Summer losses surpassed winter losses for the first time in 2014 reaching 27,4%. And the trend is rising.

The scenario in Europe isn’t also very good. According to the EPILOBEE project, the winter losses between 2013 and 2014 showed a narrower range. Southern countries registered lower death rates (7,1% in Portugal, 5,5% in Spain and 4,8% in Italy, for example), while Northern countries registered higher death rates (15,4% in Sweden and 12,4% in Finland).

Summer losses in Europe are lower in comparison to the USA. The worst countries in Europe in spring-summer season of 2014 were France with 11,1% death rate and Belgium with 9,1%.

Recent reports have drawn a lot of attention on media and institutional organizations like the European Commission and the White House made a group of call to actions. Despite the causes of this death rates are not clearly defined there are some primal suspects. While facts and data are being collected, new answers are required among the beekeepers’communities.

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Published On: June 17th, 2015 / Categories: English, Português, Sobre as abelhas /

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