Beekeeping simple and fast

Beeyard App allows beekeepers to manage beehive, save operation data and schedule events online.

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The best data deserves
the best sensors.

Your bees with you in real time

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United platform

Beeyard is the only end-to-end solution that allows beekeepers to manage entire operations fully remote

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Access data-driven insights to improve decision-making process.
With Beeyard you can:

Record Beehive and Apiary Data

Do Complex Operations

Set Production Goals

Schedule Events

Built for beekeepers

Beeyard is the easiest platform for all beekeepers

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Every platform you need

You can use both on the road and offline with our mobile app. But if you are in your office you can always use the web version.

QR code is the freedom in your hands

Point the phone to your beehive and get the best of your beehive on your beehive. Check the track record or save important data.

Why us?

An efficiency driven approach to beekeeping

Weekly improvements

Our team works everyday to deliver the best experience to our users. The fastest work environment to deliver the best possible product.

Close to the community

We listen to feedback from beekeepers all around the world and our team works everyday to deliver the best experience to our users.

Outdoor-proof ready

Beekeeping is not a simple place for beekeeping. We test all our products to the limit to offer the best tools to you.

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