Monitor your beehives in real-time and run
your operation in a centralized platform

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Beeyard sensor provides full insight

Keep your beehives happy and improve your operation at
full-scale with Beehive hive monitor.

Improve hive conditions2021-10-21T16:55:43+00:00

Beeyard allows you to know what your beehives are requiring and achieve maximum potential at scale.

  • Increase the strength of your beehives
  • Make sure that your splits are effective
  • Your data-driven management will allow you to maintain healthier and more productive apiaries and colonies
Control the threats2021-10-21T16:43:16+00:00

Monitor beehives at large scale with Beeyard Algorithms and make sure that you receive an alert before it’s too late.

  • Receive alerts when beehives condition deteriorate
  • With theft and tracking system you’ll know if someone is moving your beehives.
  • Reduce mortality rate by addressing the needs of the colony when stress rises

Optimize your operation2021-10-21T16:49:19+00:00

Reduce the logistics and trips to inspect your beehives. With Beeyard you save in logistics.

  • You’ll no longer need to rely on manual inspections to know how your bees are doing
  • Remotely monitor the health of your beehives and make sure that your bees are safe and comfortable.
  • Fewer visits and inspections lead to 25% savings with logistics and less stress for bees
  • Know immediately which beehives need attention
Increase production2021-10-21T16:53:08+00:00

Beeyard sensor allows you to increase production and productivity. Stronger and stress-free colonies are more productive.

  • Follow building-up process of all your beehives,
  • Make sure they are prepared for nectar flow
  • Never miss a feeding moment or split exactly when is the right moment.
  • Move your beehives to the new apiary when the blooming kicks and monitor foraging rate everyday
  • Knowing the status of the nectar flow in all your apiaries allows you to improve the honey production

Your bees in real-time
in your pocket.

Get notified if something goes wrong
Monitor performance over time
Act before it’s too late
Make sure your bees are at their best

End-to-end Solution

Beeyard is the only end-to-end solution that allows beekeepers to manage entire operations fully remote.

The complete solution covers all your needs, whether you are at the office or you are in the beeyard.

Beeyard Sensor

Provides remote and real-time information about your beehives

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Beeyard QR Code

Just point your smartphone to the beehive to get everything you need in an instant

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Beeyard App

Your centralized app to manage everything related to your beekeeping operation

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Beeyard is the best solution for


Pollination Providers

Migratory Beekeepers

Beeyard app

Access data-driven insights to improve decision-making process.
With Beeyard you can:

Record Beehive and Apiary Data

Do Complex Operations

Set Production Goals

Schedule Events

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Easy to install and use

Beeyard’s suite of tools suits the most popular beehives types and gives you a hassle-free experience.

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Compliant with all beehives

Suits the most popular beehives

Self-sufficient unit

Beeyard suite doesn’t need you to worry with batteries. It just works alone.

Plug and play

No need for professional services or fancy tools and an user friendly interface

Maintenance free

The highly robust design allows you to install it in your beehives and enjoy the most reliable solution in the market

Stress free solution

The non-invasive design of Beeyard Sensor makes sure that your bees are not disturbed. The embedded installation allows you to operate your beehives without no problems.

Built for beekeepers

Beeyard is the easiest platform for all beekeepers

Every platform you need

You can use both on the road and offline with our mobile app. But if you are in your office you can always use the web version.

QR code is the freedom in your hands

Point the phone to your beehive and get the best of your beehive on your beehive. Check the track record or save important data.

Why us?

An efficiency driven approach to beekeeping

Weekly improvements

Our team works everyday to deliver the best experience to our users. The fastest work environment to deliver the best possible product.

Close to the community

We listen to feedback from beekeepers all around the world and our team works everyday to deliver the best experience to our users.

Outdoor-proof ready

Beekeeping is not a simple place for beekeeping. We test all our products to the limit to offer the best tools to you.

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